Add Somme Spring Touch To Your Home

After months of cold and dull days in winter, spring is a rejuvenating season. It nurtures love and life in our lives and our homes. Embracing the beauty and energy that comes with spring in our homes creates freshness. Where do we start? Let’s bring the spring vibe to our bedrooms.

Go floral with the beddings

In spring, the sun shines brighter, and flowers bloom, nurturing beauty in the world. Extend the beauty to your bedroom. Add some floral pillows with colorful blankets. A pink comforter and a garland of faux greenery make the bedroom brighter.

Change the curtains

During cold winters, you probably had heavy curtains that were always closed to avoid the extreme cold. Well, it is time to spring up your curtains. Get printed and lively curtains. Ensure to change the drapes to flowy ones. Flowy drapes add an airy appearance to the room. Bright curtains add more light pop to a bedroom.

Add flowers

Flowers are cheery and great additions to any bedroom for spring. You can get unique and elegant vases to place your flowers and match the room’s pattern, including tulips. They bring the outside feel into the bedroom, leaving it new and refreshing.

Revamp your artwork

As a season for new beginnings, change the artwork in your bedroom and embrace bright and colorful pieces of art. The light colors create the illusion of more light in a room which is perfect for spring. As you change the artwork, consider repainting the room with a blend of brighter colors.

Deep cleaning

Winter gets us slouchy and lazy in-home care. Well, spring brings energy and positive vibes, including motivation to get outside and be active. Spring is the best time to deep clean your bedroom, clean your rugs and windows, and replace any burnt-out lightbulbs. Declutter your room, and get appealing shelves to organize your books. It is the perfect time to reorganize the furniture in the room and purchase new furniture to replace old furniture in your bedroom.

Types and Benefits of Using Plywood in Interior Design

There exist more than eighteen different types of plywood, with the types being distinguished by the process, application, and type of wood used.

However, the basic types fall under three categories:

1. Moisture Resistant Plywood

Apart from being used in interior design, moisture-resistant plywood is also used in making furniture, e.g., cabinets and beds.

Local vendors refer to it as local ply and are mainly used by designers in interior décor projects. It offers good resistance to humid conditions and moisture, making it a favorite for use in tropical zones.

While the plywood is moisture resistant, this doesn’t make it waterproof.

2. Boiling Waterproof Ply and Boiling Water Resistant

BWP and BWR plywood can be used in both the interior and exterior parts of the house. Its ability to resist water absorption makes it ideal for use in different areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

These are areas where plywood in interior design gets routinely exposed to water. Plywood in this category can also be used for exterior wall cladding and on staircases.

3. Marine Plywood

Marine ply is commonly associated with BWP and BWR and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, and other areas with high water exposure levels.

While designers are known to associate the two categories, their similarities aren’t many. On the other hand, this material is waterproof to a high degree and of superior quality.

Its superior nature is the reason it’s commonly used in industries with high water exposure levels.

Benefits of Using Plywood in Interior Design

As can been seen on this page, designers can use plywood in varied ways: Using plywood in interior design offers several benefits, top among them being:

  • Increased Stability:It provides all the benefits of parent wood and other enhanced properties included in the laminated structure.
  • Chemical Resistant:Plywood doesn’t suffer from corrosion, making it perfect for cooling towers and chemical works after being treated with a preservative.
  • Panel Shear:The cross-laminated plywood structure means that its panel shear is two times that of solid timber. As a result, this means that plywood is ideal for use as bracing panels, webs of fabricated beams, and gussets for portal frames.
  • Surface Dimensional Stability: Plywood is constructed using cross lamination, enabling its sheets to remain stable even when there are changes in moisture and temperature levels. It’s a feature that’s particularly important when plywood is used in formwork construction and flooring.

Using plywood in interior design comes with many benefits. The benefits above are but a few of what it has to offer to a homeowner.

Clever Home Office Design Ideas

If you spend the full workweek at home or even just a few hours, it’s important to have a comfortable and inviting home office to spend time and get your work done efficiently. You can set up your home office in an annex, a small bedroom, or at the corner of a room.

Office layouts are mostly designed to utilize the available space, allow smooth workflow, and provide good working conditions. It allows privacy, thus ensures the adequate safety of valuable documents and records and minimizes distractions, thus improving the efficiency of work.

Design Ideas and Considerations for Your Home Office

Here are a few essentials you will want to consider.


To give yourself enough space to work comfortably and store your valuable documents, you must choose an appropriate place in your house and the appropriate equipment fit for you. This will give you enough space to arrange your important things, space to move around the area, and sit comfortably without being tied in one corner. With comfort, you can deliver efficiently. Incorporating furniture like a chest of drawers with accessories on it makes proper use of space.


Though we are setting a home office, you should consider the clients or customers who will visit you. This will help you put up a beautiful office that can accommodate one or two clients in your home at a low cost and a small space. This can be as simple as 1-2 comfortable chairs that are easy to pull up to your desk.


As it is not safe placing important documents on the desk or floor, you’ll need to consider shelves to help you arrange the documents in an orderly manner. This will not only help you keep the place tidy but will also help you in keeping them safe and retrieving them when need be. Having a chest of drawers is one way of securing documents in your home office.


With the current advance in technology, many people turn to artificial modes of getting light. This is not bad, but you should also consider the natural light and view. Give yourself a chance to enjoy nature as you do your work. Sometimes opt for the natural light to give you a calm mind.

Think about what inspires you and include those personal touches when you plan your home office design. It will brighten up your day and make you feel at home.