18 College Apartment Bedding Ideas for a Cozy, Comfy & Aesthetic Space

Make your bedroom comfy and cozy with these decor ideas!

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This post will show you tons of college apartment bedding ideas to upgrade your space.

Are you moving into your first college apartment or looking to redecorate? One of the most important parts of decorating is making sure your bedroom is a place that makes you feel comfy and cozy.

So, this means that you will want to start shopping for some new bedding or even new decor items for your bedroom to make sure that it is a place you love!

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When picking out your new bedding, you will want to make sure that it will go with the vibe or style of the rest of your bedroom decor. Or, you can also decide on your bedding first, then add some fun decor items to your bedroom that go with the vibe of your bedding!

To start your search for the perfect new bedding to fit your style and vibe, I recommend reviewing a couple of the different types of bedding options so that you can get a better idea of what you like.

For example, if you want to go for a more neutral or minimalistic style in your bedroom, you might want to check out bedding with more neutral shades or designs.

Or, if you are looking to create a trendier bedroom look, you should consider checking out some bedding options and decor that incorporate some of the hottest colors and designs of the year.

So, if you are ready to start designing your new bedroom for your college apartment or dorm room, this post will help you find your new favorite bedding and decor style for your new bedroom!

Versatile Bedding

White Comforter & Sham Set

For those of us who love the minimalistic look for bedrooms, I definitely recommend checking out this white comforter and sham set.

This will be the perfect comforter set for those of us who want a minimalistic style for our new bedroom but also want a little bit of design to go into it.

This bedding will give you the perfect comforter for a more minimalistic look while also adding a bit of design with the subtle rose detailing featured on the comforter!

Grey Fringe Comforter & Sham Set

Another great option for those of us who are looking for new bedding to go with a simpler bedroom style would be this grey fringe comforter and sham set! This is the set for you if you want something simple but would rather not focus on white as the main color in your bedroom.

So, with this comforter, you’ll have a touch of color with the grey but also be able to still have a more simple look in your bedroom.

You will also get a little bit of design with this comforter set that features a fringe trim striped design if you want to add something different to your more minimalistic room.

Light Natural Jersey Comforter & Sham Set

For those of us who want a comforter that will be versatile for any bedroom style, I recommend this light natural jersey comforter and sham set.

With this comforter, you will be able to keep your bedroom style looking simple, or you can even add some color with your decor while not having to worry about whether or not it matches your bedding!

So, if you are looking to focus more on the decor items in your bedroom while not having to worry about what goes with your bedding, this might be exactly what you need.

Beige Comforter Set

If you are really a fan of neutral colors, then a beige comforter set may be the one for you! For example, you should check out this beige comforter set with a simple fringe design.

This will be great for any bedroom with a more subtle and minimalistic look. Beige will also look good with white if you would like to add to your bedding with some white pillows or even white decor items around your bedroom!

You will also get a super cute fringe design with this bedding set, so you won’t have to worry about your bedding looking too plain.

Colorful Bedding

Green Pom Pom Stripe Comforter & Sham Set

You might also be interested in creating a bedroom look with a lot of color! And don’t worry because you can add a ton of color while also creating a comfy and cozy bedroom vibe.

For example, this green pompom stripe comforter and sham set may be the perfect addition to any bedroom where you want to create a comfy and cozy vibe while also adding some color.

This subtle green is the perfect way to do it, and this comfy comforter will give you the cozy vibes that you are looking for! Also, you will love the pom pom design featured on this comforter that will give you an adorable look for your bedroom.

Terracotta Comforter and Sham Set

You can also totally get a little bit more creative with your colors and choose a comfy comforter in a color that will stand out more!

For example, this comforter comes in a terracotta color which will definitely make your bedding stand out.

Also, it is a great way to start adding some color to the design of your bedroom and will work great with neutral and bohemian colors like a subtle green.

So, if you are considering adding some green decor items, such as maybe some floral decor, this may be the perfect comforter for your new bedroom!

Border Duvet Cover & Sham Set

As someone who loves a more minimalistic type of bedroom but likes to have just a bit of color, this border duvet cover and sham set is one of my favorites!

So, if you want to add a pop of color to your bedroom but don’t want it to be too much, this duvet cover and sham set is definitely the one for you.

With this style of bedding, you can still have a touch of color like this gorgeous shade of blue featured on the duvet cover while also keeping your more minimalistic vibes for your bedroom!

Patterned Bedding

Fruit Comforter & Sham Set

If you are looking for a comfy and cozy comforter with a super cute design for your bed, then look no further!

This comforter is definitely going to be the one for you because it features an adorable fruit design on the bedding.

This will make you obsessed with your bedding, and you will also be able to add some cute decor items to your bedroom to go along with the cute fruit design!

Wavy Daisy Comforter & Sham Set

Floral designs are also a really popular option for bedding, but if you don’t want too much color, you should consider this wavy daisy comforter and sham set.

It features a super cute wavy floral design in yellow that will add just a little bit of design and color to your bedroom.

Also, you can add on some fun yellow decor or other floral designs to match with this yellow floral bedding!

Retro Floral Duvet Cover & Sham Set

For a floral design that stands out more, you should check out this retro floral duvet cover and sham set.

This set comes with a super cute retro floral design that you can totally use to add some design to your new bedroom look while also getting a cozy comforter to create that comfy vibe for your bedroom.

You will also get some color added to your bedroom with this blue and white retro design that you will love if you are going for a more subtle retro vibe for your new room!

Hearts Comforter Set

Another popular bedding and/or bedroom design that you may be drawn to is the black-and-white look.

With this type of design, you can pick just about any black and white comforter, and you can even get one with a fun design like this one!

This comfy and cozy heart-design comforter in black and white will be just what you need to create this type of bedroom look.

Trendy Bedding

Checkered Comforter Set

For the girlies who are looking to create a comfy and cozy college apartment bedroom that’s also super trendy, then this might be a comforter that you should check out!

Checkered designs have been trendy recently, and if you like this design, you can totally incorporate it into your bedroom look by getting a checkered comforter set like this one.

I love this checkered design because it will give you a trendy look in your bedroom while also adding some color with the blue and white checkered design!

Quilted Comforter

If you want a comfy and cozy bedding option that gives a unique vibe, I recommend purchasing this quilted comforter set.

This comforter will add a ton of color and design to your bedroom look while creating a trendy vibe for your new bedroom!

This comforter will also give you the opportunity to add to your bedroom look with some cool and unique decor items.

Abstract Comforter

If you want a comforter that really stands out, this definitely the set for you!

With this set, you will be getting a comforter that has a super cool abstract design. You may have never seen a comforter like this before, but these kinds of comforters with cool designs like this one have become super trendy as of late.

So, make sure to get this comforter to add a super cool and trendy vibe to your bedroom while also making sure you are comfy and cozy!

Boho Tufted Comforter

Another really popular bedding style/bedroom look is the boho chic bedroom! To create this style of bedroom with some comfy and cozy vibes, you should totally be checking out this boho tufted comforter.

This comforter will be super comfy and cozy for your bedroom and will give you the boho look that you are going for.

This is also a great comforter for those of us who want to add some boho decor to our bedrooms to complete our new bedroom looks.

Bedding Decor

Marshmallow Puff Sham Set

You may have never seen this type of bedding before, but it has started to become a popular item, especially for pillows!

With this marshmallow puff sham set, you will get a comfy and cozy feel for your pillows while also adding to the comfy and cozy vibe that you are going for in your bedroom.

This will also work perfectly if you want a more minimalistic vibe for your new room but also want to add a bit of decor.

With this sham set, you will be obsessed with your new bedding and will never want to leave!

Pintuck Pillow

Another really important part about creating a comfy and cozy vibe for your bedroom is adding on some cute decor items that will go along with your bedding design as well as the other decor items in your bedroom.

So, if you are looking for some cute bedding items that will add to the comfy and cozy vibe of your new bedroom, you might want to add some decorative pillows to your bedding!

For example, this round pintuck pillow will be a super cute way to add some color to your bedding while also adding to the comfy and cozy vibe of your bedroom.

Metallic Puffer Throw Blanket

Another really cool decor item that you can add to your bedroom to give it some color while also adding some decor would be this metallic puffer throw blanket.

This blanket is a super cool and unique item that you can add to your bedding to make it stand out and make sure you are super comfy and cozy in your new bedroom!

So, make sure to check out this blanket if you are looking for something unique to add to your new bedroom.

This blanket is also irreversible with both lavender and sherbert shades to give you some extra color to your bedding and your new bedroom.

What kind of bedding will you be getting for your college apartment?

Which of these college apartment bedding ideas is your favorite? How are you going to make your bedroom comfy & cozy?

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