Fun Ways to Celebrate Your 24th Birthday

All the details you need to make sure you have so much fun on your 24th!

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Just because turning 24 isn’t a huge milestone in your life doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your birthday or celebrate it in a special way. Every birthday should be as fun as the next one, so if you turn 24 this year, it’s time to start thinking about 24th birthday ideas!

If you have never put together your own birthday party (or it’s been a while), there are some things to consider to ensure your 24th is memorable. For example, you will want to think about what kind of birthday party you want to throw, what kind of decorations you want, and what the party’s theme will be.

There are a lot of decisions that you will need to make, but don’t worry because this post will make throwing your birthday party a lot easier for you!

I have compiled a list of all the best ideas for throwing a 24th birthday party to help you make this day one of the most memorable birthdays.

So, if you are looking for 24th birthday inspo and some fun ideas, check out this list below of 24th birthday ideas for her, with birthday party themes, photoshoot ideas, and more!

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24th Birthday Ideas for Her

1. Sleepover

wine tasting Slumber party photo from pexels - golden birthday

Remember how much fun having a sleepover was when you were young? Why not recreate these memories with some of your best friends and throw a sleepover for your 24th?

For a sleepover party, you’ll want to make sure you have some delicious food, comfy pajamas, and some fun activities for you and your girlfriends!

And you can even put together some of your favorite throwback songs or movies for you and your friends to relive together.

2. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting photo from unsplash - fancy dinner party

Another great idea for a 24th birthday party is wine tasting. Now that you and most of your friends are likely all of age, why not treat your friends and yourself to a fun wine-tasting party?

Just make sure to buy a variety of wines for you and your friends — be sure to get a mix of whites and reds so everyone can find their favorite. Or, you can even go to a winery with your friends to celebrate in an even bigger way.

3. Casino Night

Casino photo from unsplash

If you want a fun, wild night out with some of your best friends, I recommend going to a casino. Even if you and your friends aren’t into gambling, you will have a blast!

Casinos are always lively and usually have fun things to do, from fancy restaurants to nightclubs, shopping, live music, and more.

So, if you and your friends want to have fun on your 24th, I recommend going to one of the nearby casinos! (Here’s a full list of casinos in the USA.)

4. Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaway photo from unsplash - camping trip, fresh flowers

For those of us who love going on road trips with our friends or need to go on a vacation, you should consider going on a little weekend getaway with your friends for your 24th.

This will give you and your friends a fun and adventurous thing to do on your birthday, and you can also choose the exact destination you want to go to, whether it’s a tropical location, a big city, or even the mountains!

This type of birthday celebration will ensure you have a lot of fun memories to remember your 24th birthday by.

24th Birthday Party Themes

5. Movie Night

Movie night photo from Unsplash favorite dishes

Another thing to consider when throwing your 24th birthday party is whether you want to do a special theme. This is especially important if you plan on throwing your birthday party at your home because you will want to ensure you have all the right decorations for the type of 24th birthday party you are throwing!

A movie night is an excellent idea if you want a night in on your 24th! Having a movie night or throwing a movie marathon is a fun way to hang out with your friends if you want something more laid back and chill.

For this type of themed party, you will want to make sure you have all of the movie-going essentials like popcorn, candy, and comfy places for you and your friends to start your movie marathon!

6. Disco Night

Disco ball photo from unsplash

If you want your party to be a little more on the fun and wild side, I recommend throwing a disco-themed party! Throwing a disco-themed party means that you and your friends get to dress up in really fun outfits and dance the night away at your 24th.

For this type of party, you will want to have disco balls ready to decorate your home and some lights and music to make the party even more fun. (LED strip lights come in handy here!)

And don’t forget to tell your friends to wear fun costumes for your disco-themed party! The ’70s are back, after all.

7. Wine & Cheese

Charcuterie board photo from Unsplash

For those of us who usually like throwing dinner parties for birthdays but want to do something a little different for our 24th, I recommend throwing a wine and cheese party!

A wine and cheese party will give you the laid-back vibes of having a dinner party, but it will be more straightforward. For this kind of party, you won’t have to worry about having a full-course meal prepared for you and your friends.

All you’ll need to do is make some fun charcuterie boards filled with your favorite cheeses, fruits, or meats and have some glasses of wine ready to serve at your party!

8. Playing Dress Up

Costume party for a 24th birthday

Some people may be looking for a more silly and fun way to celebrate their 24th birthday. If this sounds like you, I recommend throwing a costume party. Having a costume-themed party means that you and your friends get to dress up as whatever you want to make your birthday memorable!

You can also throw specific costume parties like a princess-themed party or movie character party. This will make it even more fun for you and your friends!

24th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

For those of us looking for fun activities to do at our 24th birthday party, a photoshoot is a great option! Doing a photoshoot or having a photo booth is a fun way to take super cute photos with your girlfriends while also ensuring you have a way to keep these memories forever.

9. Costumes

Photo booth at a costume party

If you are considering having a photo shoot at your birthday party, you will need to make sure that you think about what kind of photoshoot you want to have.

For example, a really fun way to have a photoshoot is to do a costume-themed photo shoot with your friends on your 24th! This is perfect for those already throwing a costumed-themed party because you will already have everything you need for a fun costume photoshoot.

10. Neon Lights

Neon sign photo from unsplash

You may not have thought of this type of photoshoot, but it is also very fun and an excellent idea for your 24th birthday party!

It is a neon lights-themed photo shoot! For this photo shoot, you will want to ensure you have many pretty neon signs or a single giant neon sign you can use as your backdrop for the photos.

This will give your photos a beautiful background and will add some stunning colors to your photos!

11. Pajama Party

Pajama party photo from Pexels

If you’re throwing a slumber party or sleepover for a 24th birthday, another way you can celebrate is by having a pajama party-themed photo shoot.

For this kind of photoshoot, it is essential that you and your friends have some super cute pajamas that you can wear on your special day!

You can even go the extra mile and buy yourself and your friends some matching pajamas to wear for this photoshoot! This will give you super cute and memorable photos for your 24th birthday.

12. 24th Photo Booth

Photobooth props from Amazon

Another fun way to have a photo shoot at your 24th birthday party is to have a photo booth-inspired photoshoot. You can even have an actual photo booth at your party to make it even more fun!

To put together a photobooth-inspired shoot at your birthday party, you should buy a bunch of fun photo booth props that you can your friends can use to make some silly and super cute photos for you to be able to remember your party by!

24th Birthday Party Decor

13. Tiara & Sash

Tiara & sash from Amazon

One other thing that you will want to consider when putting together your 24th birthday party is the decorations that you want to have.

Decorations can include items for your home as well as some fun items that you can wear on your 24th!

For example, I’m obsessed with this adorable tiara and sash to wear on your big day! Some people find these cheesy, but I’m all for dressing up and going over the top on your birthday. (You only live once!)

14. Decorative Balloons

Decorative balloons from Amazon

To decorate your home for your 24th birthday party, I recommend getting lots of balloons of all shapes and sizes.

To make your life even easier, you could purchase a balloon set like this one that will include all of the fun birthday balloons that you need on your special day!

For example, I am sure you have seen the trendy number balloons people use for birthdays. So, why not have these at your 24th birthday party?

Also, you can add more detail to your decor with some cute birthday decor for your walls, like the adorable star and heart-shaped wall decor included in this set!

15. 24th Banner

24th banner from Amazon

One other way that you can decorate your home for your 24th is by adding some cute banners to the walls.

For example, this super cute 24th birthday banner is an excellent example of some of the fun 24th birthday-inspired banners you can get to decorate your home for your birthday.

Make sure to cover your walls in super cute banners like this one and other 24th-inspired wall decorations for your birthday!

16. Decorative Straws

Decorative straws from Amazon

Lastly, you will also want to make sure you have a ton of food and drinks for your friends to indulge in while celebrating your birthday or at your birthday party.

So, you should be considering how you can also add to your decorations with some fun decorative items to include.

For example, I totally recommend getting these adorable 24th birthday-inspired straws! This will add more decor to your party and will also help you to add to the theme of your birthday.

Which 24th birthday ideas from this list are your favorite?

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What ideas are you going to use for your 24th birthday party? What are you doing for your 24th?

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