Vanilla Girl Aesthetic Outfits: How to Dress Like a Vanilla Girl

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This post will show you how to dress in the Vanilla Girl aesthetic, with key wardrobe pieces and Vanilla Girl outfit ideas.

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram lately, you’ve likely come across another aesthetic sweeping social media: the Vanilla Girl aesthetic.

Are you wondering what it is or how to get this it girl-approved look for yourself?

Welcome to the ultimate Vanilla Girl style guide, with key clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe and the cutest Vanilla Girl outfit ideas.

What is the Vanilla Girl aesthetic?

Think of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic as Clean Girl meets Old Money meets Scandi style, with a hint of preppy.

It’s no surprise to see an overlap with these aesthetics, which have all been ultra-popular on social media in the last few years.

Dressing like a Vanilla Girl is all about being cozy and classic, and involves wearing neutral colors, soft fabrics, and simple silhouettes that aren’t over-the-top. Monochrome outfits are a Vanilla Girl favorite, so long as they feature light, neutral hues like white, cream, heather gray, and beige.

Basics are going to be your best friend, from long-sleeve crew neck tops to yoga pants (yes, these are a key piece in a Vanilla Girl’s wardrobe).

In fact, this aesthetic proves that just because something is a “basic” doesn’t mean it has to be boring — instead, you’ll find just how cute and versatile basics can be when styled in the Vanilla Girl aesthetic.

There is an effortless vibe to the Vanilla Girl, so her accessories tend to be on the minimal side, and she wears her hair in easy hairstyles that don’t require a lot of effort, using claw clips and stretchy headbands.

And to be a true Vanilla Girl, you’ll also want to smell like… you guessed it, vanilla! Don’t forget to spritz on a vanilla-scented perfume or body spray, and swipe on some vanilla lip balm to embody the aesthetic to the fullest.

Essential Pieces for a Vanilla Girl Wardrobe

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll need to dress like a Vanilla Girl. These are the essential items to add to your wardrobe to create Vanilla Girl outfits on a budget.

Vanilla Girl Tops

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters and cardigans are Vanilla Girl must-haves. They are equal parts cozy and cute, which is what the aesthetic is all about.

The key is to opt for knitwear that is in neutral or light colors like white, gray, and beige, and only go for prints that are classic, like stripes or Americana themes.

Button-Down Shirts

Every girl needs a classic button-down shirt in her wardrobe, even a Vanilla Girl.

This timeless item can be worn alone or layered with other items, making it ultra versatile. For example, wear it over a simple tank top or wear it under an oversized sweater with the collar sticking out.

In addition to solid white, you can also wear striped button-downs, especially in neutral and light blue hues.

Basic Tops

Basics are essential for a reason, and while they may not be the most *exciting* fashion choice, they are the most practical and versatile.

Luckily, the Vanilla Girl aesthetic embraces basics, so rather than spending money on a ton of ultra-trendy items that you’ll only wear a couple of times, invest in simple tops that you’ll be able to wear over and over.

These can include crewneck short and long-sleeve tops, plain tank tops, and camisoles in light solid colors.

If you opt for tops with a print, go for something subtle like a dainty, light-colored floral print, classic stripes, or anything that has a preppy, Old Money feel.

Vanilla Girl Bottoms

Fold-Over Waist Flared Pants

Comfort is key to a Vanilla Girl, and yoga pants are a staple when it comes to everyday dressing. Look for styles with a fold-over waistband and flared or bootleg silhouette made of soft, stretchy fabric.

While black yoga pants are always an option, opt for a lighter hue like heather gray to get the true Vanilla Girl look. These pants are perfect for pairing with sneakers like Adidas Sambas or Ugg boots or slippers for a cozy vibe.

Light Wash Jeans

Everyone needs a staple pair of jeans in their wardrobe, and Vanilla Girls prefer light-wash denim with a relaxed fit. This type of denim looks good with just about everything, including basic tops and oversized sweaters, making these jeans a solid investment.

In the summer, swap these out for some denim shorts instead.

Beige Wide-Leg Trouser Pants

For a dressier look, you can’t go wrong with some beige trouser pants. This classy item checks all the boxes: a neutral color, a classic style, and a relaxed, loose fit.

A Vanilla Girl would style these with some neutral-colored sneakers like New Balance 530s for a more casual vibe (whereas an Old Money girl might opt for pumps or loafers).


Trench Coat

It doesn’t get more classic than a tan trench coat, which is one of the most chic outerwear options to wear during the spring and fall seasons.

You’ll be able to wear a trench coat for years to come, and its neutral tan color means it matches with just about everything else in your closet.

Teddy Sherpa Jacket

For colder weather, go for a light-colored teddy sherpa jacket. What could be cozier?!

A soft, fuzzy jacket like this is going to keep you nice and warm, and will add a cozy touch to your outfits in true Vanilla Girl style.

Vanilla Girl Shoes

White Low-Top Sneakers

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of white low-top sneakers, and this season, Adidas Sambas are the ultimate pick. These sneakers are basic yet on-trend, making them a total must-have.

In addition to Sambas, consider neutral-colored sneakers by New Balance and Reebok, which will look just as great with all of your Vanilla Girl looks.

Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boots

Vanilla Girls love Uggs, especially the Ultra Mini styles (including platform boots) and slippers like the Tazz. That’s because this aesthetic embraces comfort and coziness, and these shearling-lined shoes are the definition of that!

Vanilla Girl Accessories

Dainty Gold Jewelry

When it comes to accessories, you don’t want anything too loud or over-the-top — keep it simple with some dainty gold jewelry that you can wear on a daily basis.

Pieces like small gold hoop earrings and layered gold necklaces will make your Vanilla Girl outfits look especially put-together and add just the right amount of shine.

Canvas Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag is the ultimate mix of classic and casual, making it the perfect choice for a Vanilla Girl. And it doesn’t get more classic than an L.L. Bean canvas tote bag, which has been around since 1944!

With plenty of strap colors to choose from, customizable options, and an affordable price tag, this timeless bag is going to complement all of your Vanilla Girl aesthetic outfits to a tee (and makes for a great school bag, too).

Stretchy Headband

Vanilla Girls are masters of looking effortless, so intricate, time-consuming hairstyles are not the vibe.

Instead, look to hair accessories like stretchy headbands, scrunchies, and hair claw clips for easy ways to wear your hair that will take no time at all and look totally adorable.

Vanilla Beauty Products

They’re called Vanilla Girls for a reason! Really *embody* the aesthetic with vanilla-scented beauty products, including body and hair mist, perfumes, and lip balms.

Vanilla Girl Outfits

Now for some outfit inspo! These Vanilla Girl outfits are cute, cozy, and right on-trend, featuring light color palettes, comfy silhouettes, and soft fabrics.

Vanilla Girl Outfit #1

Talk about cozy yet cute. This neutral Vanilla Girl outfit is perfect for the spring season, whether you’re running errands, heading to class, or hanging out with friends outdoors.

Loose-fitting pants are a Vanilla Girl staple, and in the spring and summer, it doesn’t get better than linen pants with a relaxed fit. These white linen wide-leg pants look chic but are actually comfortable (they even have an adjustable drawcord waist), and can be worn with some easy-going Birkenstock clogs or slide sandals.

Throw on a cable knit sweater with an oversized fit like this American flag sweater which has a preppy vibe; you can also wear this tied around your shoulders on a warmer day.

Accessorize the look with a classic-looking canvas tote bag, tortoise print oval-shaped sunglasses —and don’t forget some vanilla lip butter balm!

Vanilla Girl Outfit #2

Vanilla Girls know that being comfy is key, which is why they love wearing loungewear like some stretchy flared yoga pants in light hues like heather gray.

These pants come in a convenient 2-piece set along with a matching long-sleeve basic top, giving you an instant monochromatic look, which is a Vanilla Girl signature.

Wear the set with sneakers like some trendy Adidas Sambas, and throw on a neutral-colored puffer vest if it’s a bit chilly outside.

Since this look has a bit of a sporty feel, be sure to add in some girly accessories like a hair bow clip and a cute heart locket necklace to keep it soft and feminine. This effortless look would be ideal for a day of classes or studying at the library, so grab your backpack, too.

Vanilla Girl Outfit #3

Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! Nothing says “Vanilla Girl” like a head-to-toe neutral outfit, and this one is casual yet perfectly put-together.

Start with a basic white t-shirt and wear an oatmeal-colored cardigan sweater over top, along with some loose-fitting cream-colored jeans. We still want to keep it cozy and laid-back, which is why some Ugg Tazz platform slippers are a Vanilla Girl favorite.

Bring the ensemble together with delicate gold-tone jewelry and accessories like some metal rectangle sunglasses, small hoop earrings, a layered necklace, and a matching hair claw clip.

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