How to Style Outfits for Hot Summer Weather [+ Styling Tips & Outfit Examples]

Hot summer weather is coming and here’s how to dress for it!

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This post will give useful tips and tricks to style outfits for hot summer weather.

Summer is almost here, and with it, hot weather.

Today, I’m showing you how to style cute outfits while keeping yourself comfortable and fresh.

What About Summer & Hot Weather?

Summer is *the* season. We tend to see summer as an opportunity for experimentation and reinvention. We might change our hair, experiment with our personal style, or try new hobbies, new food, and new drinks.

While summer is amazing as we watch everything come to life, there’s also the weather.

Hot weather is no joke.

And trying to dress for it can be a major headache. Especially if you’re still going to classes or have to go to the office.

For us fashion girlies, sometimes it feels like we have to choose between a cute look and battling the heat.

Well, I’m here to tell you: we don’t have to choose. And here’s how to create heat-friendly outfits that are also cute and stylish.

Here’s a list of easy tips and tricks to look cool while keeping yourself cool.

  • Fabrics matter more than ever. The best fabrics for hot weather are natural fibers like cotton, linen, denim, and certain types of wool.
  • The looser, the better. Items with a looser fit allow your body to breathe and are perfect for avoiding sweat stains.
  • Bright and light. Bright and light colors are better for battling the heat. Try to avoid darker colors, especially if you are going to be outside.
  • Play with your accessories. Since summer outfits tend to be simpler than their cool weather counterparts, this is the moment to be a little extra with your accessories and shoes.
  • Is Layering Possible? Yes, but it can be tricky. Again, organic fabrics, looser fits, and light colors are key to the art of layering during summer.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather: A Fashion Guide

Simple Base, Simple Fabrics, Easy – Outfit #1

Okay, let’s start with fabrics.

As I mentioned above, natural fibers are the best for combating heat. The easiest ones to find are cotton and cotton-derived denim.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 1: White graphic tee, blue denim shorts, red Mary Jane flats, red sunglasses, red purse

For this look, I decided to use a basic look we all have in our closets: a white graphic tee and blue denim shorts. I left the shirt untucked to be comfortable and promote air flow.

For the rest of the look, I based my choices on the small red detail on the shirt. First, I chose red sunglasses and a red statement bag. For shoes, I used a pair of red Mary Jane flats to make the look less casual.

Pro tip: When wearing flats in the summer, use invisible socks or wear a statement pair of socks with your flats to keep your feet dry and blister-free.

As you can see, the easiest looks with the most breathable fabrics are perfect for building on with accessories. This outfit looks put-together and cool, and it’s comfortable for a hot summer day.

For fabrics, I 100% recommend checking the composition tags of something before wearing it. Summer wool items and real silk pieces are expensive, but linen, cotton, and denim are affordable and easy to find during Spring/Summer.

Try to avoid polyester, synthetic fabrics, and blends. These fabrics seal in the heat and actually make you sweat (and smell) more.

Lace can be really good, too, but you have to check if it’s made of a natural fiber. Mesh, while apparently airy, is almost always 100% polyester, so you will both be exposed to the sun while still sweating and conserving heat.

Monochromatic with a Twist, Easy – Outfit #2

You guys know I love a good monochromatic look. It is an easy way to look stylish without a lot of layers.

Embracing monochrome, along with a bit of strategic accessorizing, takes any look to the next level.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 2: Bright blue oversized t-shirt, bright blue shorts, silver cowboy boots, silver crossbody bag, silver accessories

For this outfit, I wanted to wear a very summery color: Santorini Blue. To start my look, I wore an oversized blue cotton t-shirt and matched it with a pair of blue light-cotton shorts.

To bring an interesting texture and add to the blue, I chose silver for my shoes and accessories. I’m wearing silver cowboy boots, silver necklaces and a silver crossbody bag.

Finally, I put my hair up to combat the heat and make the shirt’s fit look more polished.

See? A super simple summer look that’s comfortable and cute.

The simplicity of the base lets me add to it with my accessories and shoes without overwhelming me with layers, while the bright blue is very reminiscent of summer and summer destinations.

Summer Dresses, Easy – Outfit #3

If there’s an item we all favor during this season, it is a light summer dress (aka sundress). And it’s easy to see why.

Sundresses are easy to wear, versatile, cool, and, of course, comfortable. What’s not to love?

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 3: Yellow floral cotton dress, gold purse, off-white espadrilles, gold jewelry

Take a look at this outfit I created. For this look, I started with a buttery yellow summer dress with a beautiful floral pattern. The base color is very on-trend right now, so that plays in my favor.

For shoes, I chose off-white espadrilles with a striped pattern that has the same color palette as the flowers on the dress.

For this type of look, I went with light accessories, namely a couple of tiered gold necklaces, gold earrings, and a gold purse.

The great thing about summer dresses is that you can do the bare minimum styling-wise and they’ll still look cute.

If you want to wear your sundress for the office or class, you could layer a baby tee underneath and add sneakers for a casual vibe, or layer with a button-up shirt and flats to dress it up.

Skirts and Vests, Medium – Outfit #4

Layering in the summertime can be tricky.

It seems counterintuitive to add more layers to an outfit, but they can be helpful to prevent sunburns and bug bites. And, of course, layers add style to a look!

Light fabrics and loose fits will work best if you want to layer. My favorite way to do it right now is to pair a long skirt with a vest.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 4: White baby tee, yellow vest, orange midi skirt, off white clogs

For this look, I started with a white cotton baby tee. Then, I paired it with an orange, tiered long skirt. For the layer, I added a lightweight pale yellow cotton vest.

For shoes, I chose a pair of off-white clogs with a little bit of a platform. Finally, I grabbed my usual gold jewelry and put my hair up casually with a clip.

The great thing about this outfit combo is that you don’t need much to do it, and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. The type of vest or layer you choose can immediately dress your outfit up or down, just as much as the shoes you wear.

A skirt with a tailored vest looks amazing, and depending on the dress code, you can even wear it to the office. If there’s a lot of A/C in the office, you can wear a thicker type of vest, like a sweater vest, and you can take that off when you leave for the day.

In contrast, add a pair of sandals and a straw hat to a skirt and crochet vest combo, and you will have the perfect look for a picnic.  

Trends are trends for a reason. While we don’t want to be slaves to them, sometimes they are a very efficient tool for working with seasonal weather.

Right now, there are a ton of trends specifically designed for the hottest months of the year, so it is natural to work some of them into your summer closet.

For me, the one trend I love is the Scandi shorts or boxer shorts look.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 5: Green tank top, green button down shirt, mint Scandi shorts, white sneakers, white baseball cap, white tote bag, green earrings

Next up, I wanted to create a chill weekend type of look.

To create it, I started with a green knit tank top and went with a pair of mint green shorts (which I made from a couple of my dad’s shirts). Then, I layered with a lightweight green shirt to add one more shade of green.

If this is a true weekend outfit, you need to be practical. For shoes, I wore a pair of white sneakers with a bit of green and accessorized with a white baseball cap, green earrings, and a big white canvas tote.

This outfit combo is not only cute and trendy, but it’s also perfect for looking more stylish while staying cool and protected from the elements. The different shades of green make it fun and interesting, the lightweight fabrics keep everything breathable, and it’s just effortlessly cool.

Floral Blouses and Colorful Pants, Difficult – Outfit #6

We usually go for our pretty blouses to create put-together looks, and that can continue in the summer months.

I love floral blouses because the pattern inspires me to pair them with different items and unexpected color combinations. Here’s how I’m doing that this summer:

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 6: Floral cotton blouse, green loose-fit pants, orange flower earrings, gold purse, gold loafers

For this more polished look, I started off with this yellow blouse with a green and orange floral pattern. (FYI: I also made this blouse!)

Following the color palette, I added a pair of green loose-fit pants. Since the blouse has golden buttons, I chose gold loafers and a gold purse to accompany the look.

Finally, for accessories, I went with orange flower earrings and a couple of gold necklaces that have an orange leaf detail and a green emerald.

This is a really put-together, thoughtful look for me. I don’t think it looks effortless or casual, but I love an outfit that calls back to itself throughout.

The blouse is the item that holds everything together, and the rest of the items follow different elements of it. This type of outfit is a perfect reminder that intentionality is the most important thing in a stylish outfit.

White Cotton Skirts, Difficult – Outfit #7

Finally, let’s cover another trendy but versatile item: white cotton maxi skirts.

Lately, these skirts have been everywhere, and they are so comfortable and breathable you won’t want to take yours off.

How to Style Outfits for Hot Weather Outfit 7: Red t-shirt, white cotton skirt, floral denim vest, red and white Samaba sneakers

Once again, I’m rocking my favorite outfit combination right now: a skirt and a vest.

To start, I grabbed a bright red cotton T-shirt. Then, I put on a long white cotton skirt and layered the base with an embroidered denim vest.

For shoes, I added another trendy piece: a pair of red and white Sambas. I put my hair up in a low bun and accessorized with ladybug earrings and gold jewelry.

This outfit is fresh, colorful, and anything but boring.

Once again, this outfit proves that dressing for hot weather can be experimental, stylish, and fun. Even if you rely on the same outfit combinations, especially if they make you comfortable, it doesn’t mean that you look the same or that the intention behind the outfit is the same.

What do you think of my outfits for hot weather?

Would you wear any of the outfits? What’s your favorite way to battle hot weather? Do you have any styling questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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