18 Sheer Pink Polishes You’ll Love for Understated, Barely-There Nails

Your guide to finding the perfect sheer pink polish.

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Strawberry glaze nails have been one of the most popular nail trends of the past year, thanks to Hailey Bieber, who introduced the pink version of her trademark glazed donut nails.

Now that the trend is everywhere, there are plenty of sheer pink polishes on the market to help you find your ideal shade.

The choice is all in the style you’re after. Do you want a sparkly, sheer pink polish? Or maybe a lighter or darker pink shade? How sheer do you prefer? Are you into that glazed donut look? We’ve got you covered today.

Below, I’ve curated a list of 18 sheer pink polishes to get that perfect shade at home. Check them out and nail this trend!

1. OPI Bubble Bath

OPI’s Bubble Bath is one of the most popular sheer pink polishes on the market. It’s not sparkly or shimmery, just the perfect sheer nude, milky pink.

So, if you are looking for a classy sheer pink nail polish shade that you can wear for any occasion, I recommend trying out Bubble Bath!

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2. OPI I Meta My Soulmate

If you are looking for a sheer chrome pink nail polish to recreate the strawberry glazed donut nail look, I highly recommend OPI’s I Meta My Soulmate.

This super shiny and sparky sheer pink nail polish will give you the look of the glazed donut nail trend—but in pink!

What’s great about this polish is it’s buildable, from a sheer glaze to a full-coverage shiny look. It’s up to you how you want to apply it.

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3. Essie Sugar Daddy

Essie’s Sugar Daddy nail polish is one of their bestsellers for a reason – it’s famous for its sheer, barely-there finish, which looks so chic and classy.

As you can see, this nail polish is a light, slightly peachy shade but will still give you the look of sheer pink nails that you love.

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4. ILNP Sweet Pea

If you are looking for a sheer pink polish that is extra sparkly, then I recommend going for ILNP’s Sweet Pea!

This nail polish is more of a mauve shade of pink and will give you an extra sparkly sheer pink nail polish that is to die for.

You are going to get so many compliments when you wear this shade!

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5. Essie Ballet Slippers

Another super cute sheer pink nail polish shade that you should totally check out is Essie’s Ballet Slippers!

This is an elegant, pastel, almost-white shade of pink that’s long been a favorite of celebrities and nail artists alike.

If you prefer a very light shade of pink, Ballet Slippers is perfect for you.

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6. Orly Confetti

If you are looking for a sheer pink shade that is cool-toned, then I recommend going for Orly’s Confetti!

Unlike some of the pinky nudes on this list, Orly Confetti reads as a true pink, rather than a “your nails but better” shade.

It’s perfect if you like cooler tones and want a bit more pigment on your nails while still rocking the sheer vibe.

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7. OPI Baby, Take a Vow

Another great OPI sheer pink nail polish is Baby, Take a Vow by OPI.

Not only is the name of this nail polish adorable, but it is definitely a super elegant nail polish shade.

While the name brings to mind weddings, this super classy shade would also be perfect for prom, formals, or graduation!

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8. Sally Hansen Rosy Quartz

If you are looking for an affordable drugstore nail polish that will also keep your nails healthy, then Sally Hansen Rosy Quartz is definitely the one for you!

This polish is infused with Argan oil, making it a great choice if your nails need extra nourishment.

Also, you can find Sally Hansen at any drugstore, making this very accessible for everyone.

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9. Manucurist Paris Active Glow

For a more subtle sheer pink nail polish shade, I recommend going for Manicurist Paris’s Active Glow!

This shade of sheer pink nail polish is more of a subtle rose jelly that will go with any outfit and for any occasion. So, if you are having trouble picking out the perfect shade of sheer pink nail polish, try this one.

As a bonus, this polish is designed to strengthen and treat your nails while also giving them that pretty glow.

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10. Nailberry Elegance

If you love classic French manicures, you may be wondering what kind of nail polish is used to get that pretty pink shade for the base of the nails.

If so, you should check out Nailberry’s Elegance nail shade, which is a sheer pink nail polish similar to the shade seen on French manicures!

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11. OPI Love is in the Bare

If you love long-lasting gel polishes and are looking for a sheer pink gel polish to try, check out OPI’s Love is in the Bare!

Love is in the Bare is the perfect semi-sheer baby pink gel that will give you long-lasting nail color and a gorgeous pink nail look.

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12. ILNP Whisper

You might also want a warmer-toned sheer pink polish option for that strawberry glaze look.

If so, then ILNP’s Whisper is definitely the perfect one for you.

This is a stunning peachy pink sheer nail polish that will give you a sparkly nail look that you will love! It’s perfect for those with warm skin tones or anyone who tans in the summer.

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13. Essie Sheer Fantasy

If you love gel nail polish but want something that’s vegan and doesn’t require UV light, I have the perfect recommendation for you.

Essie’s Gel Couture Polish in Sheer Fantasy is a sheer pink gel-like nail polish that is not only super cute but also vegan.

Just be sure to top it with Essie’s Gel Couture top coat to ensure you get the shine and longevity of gel polish.

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14. Cirque Colors Rose Jelly

Another sheer pink nail polish that is vegan and cruelty-free is Cirque Colors’ Rose Jelly!

This jelly nail polish is glossy and sheer, giving you a pretty sheer pink nail polish look that’s more on the warm-toned side.

This sheer polish is great for those with warmer or darker skin tones who want a warm, nude jelly polish.

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15. CND Shellac Clearly Pink

If you are looking for another gel nail polish that’s super sheer – more of a pink tint than a color – I recommend checking out CND Shellac’s Clearly Pink shade!

This gel nail polish will also give you a long-lasting sheer pink nail polish look that’s like a “your nails but better” vibe.

This nail polish can also be used for French manicures to get the perfect pink base for your manicure.

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16. Orly Sweet Serenity

If you are looking for a red-pink shade, be sure to try out Orly’s Sweet Serenity!

As you can see, this shade is definitely a darker shade with a red tone to it.

Again, this is a very sheer, almost clear formula, but it’s perfect if you want to add more of a healthy pinkish-red tone to your nails rather than a baby pink.

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17. Sally Hansen On Cloud Shine

For a sparkly, metallic, and long-lasting sheer pink nail polish shade, you’ll love Sally Hansen’s On Cloud Shine.

This nail polish is super sparkly and will give you a streak-free, shiny finish for a gorgeous sheer pink nail look.

It’s more opaque than most others on this list, so it’s great if you want more coverage.

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18. LONDONTOWN Kur Pink Nail Concealer

If you want a purple-pink sheer pink nail polish, I recommend trying out LONDONTOWN’S Kur Pink “nail concealer.”

This nail polish will give you a sheer pink nail polish with more of a purple pigment to it (great for hiding any staining caused by self-tanner), but this shade is still subtle enough to wear with any outfit and for any occasion.

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Which sheer pink nail polish from this list will you be purchasing?

Which sheer pink nail polish do you think will look the best on you? Have you tried sheer pink nail polish before?

Tell me what you think in the comments down below!

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