24 Ideas for Law School Graduation Gifts

It’s time to toast the attorney-to-be!

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Do you have a friend or family member graduating from law school soon? If you do, you may be wondering what kind of gifts you should get them for their upcoming law school graduation.

Becoming a lawyer is a massive accomplishment, and you will want to make sure that they feel special when they walk across the podium to receive their diploma.

Making sure that you get them a great present is essential. For those of us who never had to purchase a gift for an attorney-to-be, it might be tricky trying to figure out the best present for them. But don’t worry because there are actually a lot of great options that your law school grad will L-O-V-E.

One of the main things to consider when picking out a gift to give for law school graduation is all the office supplies that a lawyer will need. This leaves you with a bunch of fantastic options for gifts that will actually be useful.

Another important thing to think about is how much work a lawyer does and, conversely, how much time they need for relaxation. Being an attorney and taking the bar exam are both very stressful situations. This is the perfect opportunity to get your beloved legal scholar something that will help them treat themselves after working hard all day.

On the other hand, you could also pick out a fun, customized gift to make them feel special or highlights the fact that very soon, they will be a lawyer!

If any of these options sound intriguing to you, check out this list of 24 perfect gift ideas for a law school graduate!

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Best Gifts for Law School Graduates

1. Coffee Mug

Coffee mug from amazon that says

Of course, you could go with the timeless gift of a mug for your law school graduate. Mugs are always a useful gift to give, but it will be especially important for lawyers who will need that extra cup of coffee to be able to finish all the important work that they have to do.

So, if you love giving mugs as gifts, I would suggest getting this mug with a funny saying on it. Your law school grad pal will definitely love it.

2. Notepad Set

pastel notepad set from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Office supplies are also very useful items that a new lawyer will need. When picking out the gift you are going to give to a law school grad, it is key to consider an office-related item.

Lawyers have a million things that they need to do and keep track of, so it is essential that they have a great notepad set to write down all the things that they need to accomplish. A fun, pretty scratch pad would make a lovely gift.

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3. Briefcase

taupe briefcase from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

A new lawyer will also need a great briefcase or bag to carry all of their work items in. Typically, briefcases are not that cute. However, this briefcase looks exactly like a purse and is very fashion-forward. Who knew briefcases could be so trendy?

This particular style also comes with all the necessary essentials that a normal briefcase would have inside, like a variety of pockets. If you want to get your new lawyer a useful and good-looking carrying case to bring to work, this is it.

4. Portfolio

Pink portfolio from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Another super functional item that a lawyer needs to carry around with them is a portfolio. Portfolios are able to hold all of the important papers and documents that a high-profile person needs.

I would consider getting them this super darling portfolio that will fit all the confidential papers and other items inside.

5. Luxury Pen Set

Luxury pen set from amazon

Becoming a lawyer is an amazing accomplishment, so if you want to give your law school grad something that makes them feel special and stand out, I would recommend getting a luxury pen set.

Luxury pen sets are a great way to remind yourself that the work that you are doing is crucial for the betterment of society. This fancy set will make them feel like the Queen Bees that they are.

7. Whiteboard Calendar

Whiteboard calendar from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Another key office item that a lawyer will need is a calendar. Calendars are essential for anyone with a busy schedule, so I’m certain that they will find themselves making use of a whiteboard itinerary.

This calendar is a dry-erase version that they can hang on their wall so they can stay up to date on all their crucial appointments and hearings.

7. Customized Desk Name Plate

Customized desk name plate from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Getting customized gifts for a law school graduate is an option that will make your attorney-to-be friend feel extra loved.

Giving them a customized desk nameplate that they can put in their office, like this one, is certain to bring a smile to their face.

8. Tumbler

Tumbler from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Attorneys have many places to be and countless things to do, so it is critical that they stay hydrated throughout the day. Without being hydrated, your mind is not on top of its game.

Therefore, I would think about getting your law school graduate a tumbler so that they can carry it with them wherever they go. If they’re not typically big on water consumption, perhaps this will encourage them to drink more. If not, then they can just stick coffee in it for some extra caffeine to fuel their day.

9. Lawyer Book

Lawyer book from amazon

Being a new lawyer can be intimidating, so you could always gift them with an inspiring book to stay motivated about their career path.

This book called Stories From Trailblazing Women Lawyers will be a great option, and it has fantastic reviews.

10. Wooden Gavel

Customized gavel from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Another gift that you could give a new lawyer is a wooden gavel. This could be a fun item for them to display in their new office or on a shelf at home. After all, who doesn’t have fantasies about being a judge and saying, “Order in the court!?”

11. Watch

pink leather and rosegold watch from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Being on time and staying on top of a schedule are very important qualities for an attorney to have. Actually, they’re important qualities for anyone to have, whether you’re pursuing a career in the legal field or elsewhere!

This rose gold and pink Fossil watch is beautiful. You could even take it to a jeweler and have it inscribed if you want extra brownie points.

12. Back Cushion

Back cushion from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Lawyers will oftentimes be in their office answering phone calls or preparing documents, so it is essential that they stay comfortable throughout their day.

Therefore, you could get them a back cushion that will make sure that they stay comfortable all day long. Anyone would appreciate an ergonomically-thoughtful gift!

13. Keychain

Keychain from amazon that says

Many people have been inspired by Elle Woods and the movie Legally Blonde to go to law school. If your grad is one of them, an Elle Woods-themed gift would be right on point.

This keychain would make an adorable addition to any set of keys, so I say: go for it!

14. Lavender Spray

Lavender spray from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Another relaxation item that you can get from a new lawyer is a lavender spray. The lavender spray is great for when someone wants to relax or get a good night’s sleep.

You can spray it wherever you like – on pillowcases, in your office, in your car… the options are endless. I highly recommend getting a recent law school graduate this lavender spray to keep them calm, cool and collected when things get stressful.

15. Desk Organizer

Desk organizer from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Keeping their office organized is also a very important thing for a lawyer. After all, no one wants to spend time tracking down all their documents and papers.

This desk organizer is ideal because it has a variety of slots and drawers so they can stay on top of their Marie Kondo game.

16. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub tray from Amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Everyone knows how relaxing taking a bath can be. Baths are a great way to unwind after a long and challenging day. Therefore, getting a bathtub tray that holds their phone, hand towels, iPads, and wine will definitely be one of your lawyer-to-be’s favorite household items.

17. Office Supplies Kit

Office supplies kit - gifts for law school graduation

If you want to make sure your law school graduate has all the essentials they need for their office, get them the most useful gift of all: an office supplies kit!

This variety pack will be the perfect addition and will provide them with everything that they need for a happy desk.

18. Blazer

Nude blazer from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

It is also important for lawyers to dress professionally and have plenty of work clothes. But sometimes work clothes may not seem fashionable or flattering.

If you want to give a law school grad a great addition to their work wardrobe, I would recommend buying them this stylish blazer that will make them look professional but also in style!

19. White Noise Machine

White noise machine from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Getting a good night’s sleep is another thing that is absolutely essential for lawyers. If you want to make sure that your law school graduate gets the rest that they need, consider getting them a white noise machine like this one to promote restful sleep.

20. Espresso Maker

Espresso maker from amazon

Staying caffeinated and energized throughout a long day of work is also going to be essential for a new attorney.

If you know that your law school graduate loves caffeinated drinks, get them this mini espresso maker that they could use at home or in the office.

21. File Organizer

File organizer from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

Another great office item to gift a lawyer is a file organizer. File organizers will ensure that there is not a bunch of papers lying around a workspace and that everything stays clutter-free.

22. Robe

Pink fuzzy robe from amazon

A robe will also be a great gift to give for law school graduation because it will be cozy and soft for when they want to relax after countless meetings.

This fuzzy robe will keep them comfortable and will be ideal for when they are doing their self-care routines or trying to relax.

23. Lap Desk

Lap desk from amazon

Oftentimes, working in the legal field will require you also to get some work done at home. This means that your lawyer friend will need a comfortable space at home to be able to answer emails, read documents, and write.

This lap desk will make doing work at home (and maybe in front of the TV) super easy!

24. Spa Set

Spa set from amazon - gifts for law school graduation

If you want to gift them with something that will be the ultimate way for them to relax after work, I would suggest getting them an at-home spa set like this one, which comes with some bath items and candles to make their stress evaporate.

Which are your favorite gifts for law school graduation?

Who do you know that is graduating from law school? Which gift from this list do you think they would like the most? Let us know below in the comments section!

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