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Rinjani Mountain Climbing Regulations

Climber is required:

1. Obey existing regulations;
2. Report to guard officers before and after climbing;
3. Prepare yourself physically and mentally;
4. Bring standard climbing equipment or according to needs;
5. Bring supplies during the climb, pray before climbing;
6. Climbing through existing (official) lines;
7. Pass one hiking trail;
8. Maintain cleanliness, beauty, harmony and balance of all Mount Rinjani areas;
9. Bringing down the garbage back. immediately report in the event of an accident.

Climber is prohibited:

1. Making or passing a breakthrough path;
2. Separating from the group;
3. Leave the fire still burning;
4. Cutting, damaging and sticking trees, hunting for wild animals that live in the forest;
6. Damaging, changing and removing existing signs;
7. Make wild signs, are prohibited from carrying markers, paints, and sores;
8. Scribble in all places in the Mount Rinjani area;
9. Complaining if facing difficulties;
10. Say dirty, dirty and obscene;
11. Daydreaming and empty minded;
12. Be arrogant, pretentious, and proud to do obscene things;
13. Interfering with other beings;
14. Damaging places that are considered sacred.

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